Stone Gallery

Big Garden Corner are not just as a normal recreational family destination, instead also a stone carving wholesaler with a definete low price. There are different types of stone carving that we sell which some of the choices are relief, pots and bowls, budha statues, lux products, casted statues and many more choices.

Big Garden Corner, Pots and Bowls, Stone Gallery

Pots and Bowls

Made Up of Paras Stone
Start fromRp.1.000.000

Budha Statue wholeseller, Budha Statue, Stone Gallery

Budha Statues

Made Up of: Paras Stone
Start From Rp.450.000

Bali statue products, Lux Products, Stone Gallery

Lux Products

Made Up of Spoted Andesite Stone
Start from Rp.1.500.000

Stone art, Casted Statue, Stone Gallery

Casted Statue

Made Up of Paras Stone
Start from Rp.200.000