Best Sights

Big Garden Corner has provided you best selfie sights with more than 10 of them. Each of them are spreaded in our park so don't forget to check it out.

Tree House

Tree House will welcome you first as you enter Big Garden Corner with monkeys made up of styrofoam are covering the tree house giving you the real sense of a forest as well.

Tree Cave

Tree Cave is also the best sights to take some selfies. With those tall Frangipani Trees structured in sloped covers the sunlight coming through.

Hanging Umbrella

This is the best sight to take some awesome photography. The colourful hanging umbrella turn the sunlight colors into red, green, blue and yellow shadows.


Candi Borobudur is not only at Yogya, instead there is one placed in Big Garden Corner, next to the Tree Cave together with reliefs surrounding it.

Stone Henges

Get ready to lose your phone battery as you want to take some picures again and again in Big Garden Corner with the Stone Henges.


Take a rest at our arbor with bin bags and colourful roof from colourful fabrics. Have your lumch or dinner there too.

Standing Stones

With these mini statue, create an awesome collages with you and the standing stones in it.


Stand in front of it and look how the picture would be match with the balinese art.