4 criteria that must be included in a destination

Looking towards the end year holiday, this is the time for people to celebrate the New Year and Christmas events. This is the time we celebrate it by entertaining you and your family. People starts to look for a destination to hangout. In this case, I recommend these four criteria that a destination should have to be included which are:

  1. There should be a place for a dinner
    There will be a moment in the middle of your vacation where you start to get bored. Ordering some food may a good choices for you to spend your time longer during your vacation. Prefer to hangout before your lunch or dinner since it wotrhs more.
  2. It must have a place which is comfortable for kids
    After ordering meals, kids usually discover a brand new sights to be. They would like to stay in a playground or something like that which attract their attention. So in a family recreation, a playground should be existed and turns out into kids preference.
  3. There should be some special events
    After several hours hanging arround, you will decide that it is the right time to go home. However this doesn't really entertaining your mood, since the objective of holiday is entertaining yourself. So in my opinion, a destination should have some special events, especially when the new year time comes such as a firework party or maybe a costume festival during the midnight.
  4. There should be something that paying your attention
    In a destination you don't want to sit still and just focus on your phone. You need something that could take your attention. You need something that attractive to be enjoyed. Either it is a cool music or maybe a good selfie spots to take with somebody you come up with.